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Small Car is a unique hour of unscripted stories. Inspired by your suggestions, Andrew, Broni and Mario blend the theatrical with the absurd, the surreal with the heartfelt, and the terrifying with the delightful, in a show that reveals humanity’s soft underbelly.


Broni has trained with The Improv Conspiracy, Second City and The Hideout Theatre. He also has 3 records out on Spotify (cheap plug). Broni is also often being a goofball on Twitter and Instagram and at his website.


Andrew has trained with The Improv Conspiracy and Second City and has been a performing member of The Improv Conspiracy since 2012. Feel free to follow Andrew on Twitter or Instagram or get in touch with him via his website.


Mario has trained with The Improv Conspiracy, iO Chicago and Second City. He is also a filmmaker with a website full of his videos.

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